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Ep. 20 – The man behind the curtain

Whoa. Seriously. Simply. Whoa. What was that? That thing? In the shed? Jacob? We saw him for about three seconds, and already the entire internet is filled with theories. Some say he’s Christian Shephard (a plausible these), some say he’s John Locke (wait, what?) and some say he’s John Locke with a parrot on his shoulder (ehm.)

Either way, this episode was awesome, and just like the building of the raft in season 1 or Michael’s return in season 2, you can feel the chess pieces are being set out for the season finale. I’m quite sure this will be one of the greatest episodes in the season, even though it’ll be hard to top some of the other ones like The Man from Thalahassee or Flashes before you Eyes – who scored due to integrity, if you ask me. My predictions for the finale: Jack’s a traitor, and either he’s one of the others or one of the Dharma initiative. He’s not going to lead the losties to safety. He’s leading them towards certain doom.

Also, Charlie is going to die. Either that or Claire through protecting him. Penelope should make an entrance (at least that’s what the cast list says – but then again they just might be re-using the Jack, Desmond and Penelope flashback they used in the Season 2 opening and finale. Who will tell? Anyway, the finale is Jack-centered. For a man of whom we thought we knew everything by now… it’s a pretty daring thing to put his  flashbacks – which have never been stellar since the season two opening episode – into finale material. We’ll have to see whether my hypothesis proves to be correct!

Favourite Quote: Ben: “You do remember birthdays, don’t you, Richard?”

Ep 13 – The Man From Talahassee

Well, what to say? I just couldn’t resist anymore – LOST has got me in its tight grip, and when something grips me, I just have to write something about it. Hence my new site category: LOST reviews! Every week, I will attempt to review the newest LOST episode that aired in the US. Needless to say, these things will contain spoilers – and you can hover over the blank spaces to read them.

Well, so there ya have it. The writers kept their promise, and the viewers find out why John Locke is in a wheelchair. Apparently, being thrown out of a window eight (8!) stories high can do that kind of thing to you. For me, this episode was something I was on the one hand waiting for, while on the other hand I was hoping it wouldn’t come as fast as it would. Because, well, from a writer’s perspective: the cat’s out of the bag now – we all know what happened, and Locke has no more exciting backstory to tell us. I can only hope the writers don’t decide “his time has come” – he’s my favourite character on the show and I wouldn’t want him to leave.

What we can suspect, however, and especially now that the submarine has been blown up, is that Locke will leave the beach in favour of Ben. I can feel it happening, I can know Locke and Jack are to face each other one day, standing on completely different sides. Would be nice to have Locke turn into the ultimate bad guy. Face it, he’s got all the characteristics: he’s cunning, he loves playing games (his favourite one being Mousetrap – can’t get clearer than that), he’s a great hunter, he’s got a lousy relationship with his parents, he’s basically the voice of the island and… he’s got a damn wicked grin – a very important quality for a bad guy. Seriously, Locke could set a new standard for bad guys. Ben was sweet in this episode aswell. It was nice to have him in the wheelchair: while his body may be malfunctioning, his wits are there as ever. Does he really have two gigantic hamsters powering his fridge? Maybe he pulled them out of his box? Sarcasm aside, I’m kind of curious towards the box. I hope it’s a metaphore, but I reckon it’ll be an actual box. Having Eko see Yemi and Jack see his father raised questions about whether the island can revive the dead, but I don’t see that happening. My second guess was that the monster could turn into the dead – or the dead on the island. My newest guess is: maybe they pull clones out of the box? It would surely explain how the hell Anthony Cooper ended up in that

“You speak to me as if I were your brother.” (Yemi to Eko)
…It’s not the real man from Talahassee.

Favourite Quote: Locke: “The man from Tallahassee. What is that? Some kind of code?”
Ben: “No, John. Unfortunately, we don’t have a code for ‘there’s a man in my closet with a gun to my
daughter’s head’. Although we obviously should.”