The Episode…

Jack loves Kate. Juliet loves Jack. Sawyer loves Kate. Kate loves Aaron. Christian Shephard loves Aaron, too. Jin loves Sun. Jin loves his unborn baby. Dan likes Charlotte. Some of these are cute romances, some of these are puppy love, one of them is way too creepy to think about – but the most import quadrangle of all – featuring Jack, Juliet, Kate and Sawyer – just doesn’t seem to work for me. For a show with a nice postmodern ring to it, what with the broken timeline storytelling and the imperfect endings, these romances are just really, really odd to me.
Let’s review those who work: Claire loves Aaron just like Kate loves Aaron. Jin loves Sun. Both Kate and Claire would do anything to protect their baby. That’s how it is. Unconditional. Next up: Jin loves Sun. Jin would be willing to choose his wife and child’s well-being over his own. Even though she cheated on him and he was a compete, utter dickhead. That works – we’ve seen those two characters grow, and we know that Jin will have to make such a decision in the end.

Jack and Kate in the flashforward, on the other hand, don’t work. It’s not just that they don’t fit together – they both just show that they haven’t evolved the slightest bit since season 1 aired. Jack’s still an asshole who doesn’t trust anyone, and Kate’s still a brat that can’t be trusted. For the love of Smokey! Me and Cake Sensei actually groaned when she emerged from the shower. And we kept on groaning throughout their story. Why is the most popular love story in this series… puppy love? I still hope that Jack and Kate will someday grow up and settle for a different partner. I kind of feel as if the show is mocking me, at times: the love affair to get the most attention, is the most pubescal one. It’s like the show is calling me too old to watch it. But then I watch Jin and Sun or Desmond and Penny and my heart just melts all over again. Thank God for Penny and Desmond.
I always love it when Hurley shows up in a  flashforward. That little scene just gave me the creeps, and made me feel so sad for poor Hugo. Jorge Garcia was only storyline fluff at the beginning of LOST, but has evolved to one of the best characters on this show. Hurley has truly become a hero! …You can learn something from that, Jack.

The Questions…

Question 7! The love triangle! Can we stop talking about it now?

In all…

There are mythology eps in LOST (like last week’s episode and I’m certain next week’s episode will be one of them as well) and there are character eps in LOST. This one is obviously a character episode: we get to find out about love, love, love and love. And, well, if you’re a fan of LOST mythology, you just have to put up with those kind of episodes and know that next week’s episode is going to be bloody awesome. Stay tuned for Cabin Fever, where we explore the wonderful past of John Locke!

Favourite Quote: Miles: “Good morning.”
Sawyer: “It’s way too early for Chinese.”


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