Month: April 2014


So, confession time. When I was an angsty fifteen year-old, I started writing a fantasy manuscript about an angsty fifteen year-old. Over the course of more than a year, it grew into a 200-page, Times New Roman 10 mastodon. That mastodon is […]

LEGO Movie

Hey guys! Tired of being grown-up? Sick of hearing about taxes, work and – ick! – responsibilities? Wanna be a kid again? Now you can! “But Bert”, you tell me, “I am a cynical adult, surely there is no way back from […]


When you spend your day writing, all of a sudden something weird can happen: You watch fictional people lose babies, limbs or each other and you just shrug it off cynically. You start to hate stories. My last couple of weeks were […]


So Spike Jonze ist officially my hero now. Skate movies where everyone blows up. A brilliant Maurice Sendak adaptation. One of the most touching and absurd love stories ever. Is there anything the man can’t do? Anyway, go see Her, the brilliant […]