Month: November 2015

Friday Quote

The guilt gnawed inside of me, nibbling at my throat, its spikey fingers clutching my lungs. “I’m so sorry”, I said. She looked at me. An incredulous frown formed on her face. “You’re dying. You don’t need to apologize to anyone.” I […]

Quote Friday

Her feet slipped, the world swiftly snapped in half, and she crashed into him. And as Penny saw her mother rushing towards her, she realized the truth: No amount of damage control that could fix this. (From: “The Back of My Mind”)

Friday Quote

Zusammen stellen sich YUSSUF (9) und sein Lehrer PIET (28) die Frage: Was heißt es, Deutsch zu sein? Muss man die Bundesliga schauen? Karneval mögen? Wie pünktlich muss man sein? Sind Oktoberfest und Eisbein Pflicht – und wenn ja, was heißt das […]