I’m not one for the hard watch – I like my fiction to be thematically relevant and courageous, but not depressing. So Netflix did an amazing job recommending me what they called a dark comedy about stalking, but what is actually a goddamn psycho thriller disguised by jokes. By all accounts, I should not like baby reindeer (written affectionally without caps). But like a lot things in life: the AI knew my taste better than I did myself.

I don’t want to spoil too much – and I honestly don’t see how I could write anything on this blog that couldn’t be said better and more eloquently by a real reviewer – but you should donate three and a half hours of your time in seven half hour increments to watch this show. It goes all the place you might expect, and does so by the end of episode one. Then, around the middle, it throws a real curve ball at you and it transforms into something completely different. And in the end, it leaves you with an incredibly frustrating resolution that is just fitting for the story that was told. Just be warned: This show can be quite hard to stomach, and has quite a bit of trigger themes going on. Still, it treats them with respect and uses these themes for a reason.

And that’s pretty much all there is to be said. Other than:

“sent from mmy ihpone”


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