“I’ve got gout… of the dick!” (Jason)

Whenever we watch an episode of True Blood (which is not often enough at the moment) and the end credits roll, me and my bloodsquetiers are left wondering what the point of all of it is. Surely, someone (in this case: Alan Ball) has something to say with this. There’s always a theme or an overarching tone. But this series? I’m not buying it one bit that it oughta be about vampires. Then is it just about sex? I’m not convinced it is either.

In today’s episode, we learned that puns are the highest form of vampire humor. Somehow, this sparked a memory of the scene in Roger Rabbit where the baddies die by laughing themselves to death. Is humor the only way to kill a vampire? And if yes: why is anyone in Fangtasia still alive?

Wild ramblings about covering up a very bad pun aside, this might have been the most perverted episode so far. I say perverted because there was nothing sexy about anything. The vampire bar was blander than a cheap porn set, the vampires dress like dollarstore goths and let’s not forget about Jason. I finally found out what I’m squeamish about in movies: exploding dicks.

Thoughts and things

  • Who is that Eric guy? And why do I find him repulsive? Is it just because he likes to keep his legs spread out at a ninety-degree angle? What is he – the adult version of Edward?
  • Tara bailing Jason out. That was cute. And sad. I want to slap sense into both of them. Which is my way of telling whether something was written by Alan Ball.
  • If Sam had been the killer, that would have been so lame. Now if Sam were a dog, that would be pretty sweet.

In all…

Yeah. Well. Here we are again. I have no idea what to think of this. I’m enjoying myself, but is it worth writing so much about something that seems to evoke so little? I’m not saying I want to be blown away. But I would like being the least bit moved.


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