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  • Spirou


    After many years of living in Berlin, I finally managed to bring over my comic book collection. Like practically any Belgian kid, I used to be pretty hardcore about collecting these – and even though I later moved over to manga and US comics, my old collection still holds a special place in my heart. […]

  • Slaughterhouse Five

    I’m so sorry. I feel so bad. Remember this post? The one where I went on and on about what shitty pulp books I liked? Turn out I forgot to mention my all-time favourite book and the only one worth a damn on that list: Slaughterhouse Five. You might ask yourself: “But Bert, why tell […]

  • The fault in our stars

    Sometimes, the universe has a funny way of bringing things together. It’s the premise of every movie involving a car crash — and it’s how I ended up reading John Green. I had watched hundreds of Youtube videos of him explaining the history of the world, eyerolling every time he started talking about “his books”, […]

  • Books!

    I’m back from the USA — and apparently people want me to list books or else I’ll face the wrath of some sort of a bucket of ice or books or whatever. (I feel so out of touch with the internet.) In no particular order: – 1984: I read this on a long train ride […]

  • The amazing adventures of Kavalier and Clay

    I don’t really read a lot. I mean, I like to read, but it’s something I can only do when I’ve got peace of mind. I remember reading IT and The Stand on a holiday in France – tackling these mastodonts back to back was pretty much the best reading experience I’ve ever had. Unfortunately, The […]

  • Duma Key (Stephen King)

    “At first you were afraid you’d die, then you were afraid you wouldn’t. That’s what Wireman says.” (Edgar Freemantle) I’d had Duma Key in my hands more than once before buying it. There was always something about it that seemed to put me off. It was set in Florida. The setting didn’t really interest me. […]