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  • Fleishman is in trouble

    Fleishman is in trouble

    Not gonna lie: Netflix is kind of dead in my household. We’ve got half a season of the crown left that we haven’t watched because apparently, in the nineties, the entire royal family really sucks – but other than that, there is nothing on there I even kind of want to see. So I’ve been […]

  • Psychodyssey


    When Psychonauts 2 released in the Summer of 2021, it completely blew me away. A cartoony game about a kid-slash-psychic-agent going into people’s minds to sort out their bagge was every bit as good as its predecessor which came out 15 years prior. In fact, narratively speaking, it was better: underneath its wacky surface hid […]

  • Wednesday


    Here’s two random things I feel conflicted about that suddenly collided at the tail end of 2022: Netflix and Tim Burton. Concerning Netflix: If they are the future of streaming, I don’t want anything to do with it. For every interesting good thing they put out, there’s at least five weird, trashy ones. I honestly […]

  • 2022s favourite TV moments

    2022s favourite TV moments

    2022 is the year in which my kids got older and the pandemic died down and I finally started watching TV again. Yay! So without further ado, here’s some randomly assorted TV stuff I loved this year. First off: SO MANY INTROS! 2022 was the year of the amazing TV intro. Here’s a few: I […]

  • Better Call Saul – a eulogy

    Better Call Saul – a eulogy

    It’s an odd thing, finishing a TV show. As someone who’s been writing for the same series for about six years now – granted, we’re not high concept drama but a long-running medical – I can’t imagine how hard it must be to write something that not only pleases yourself, but all the people involved […]

  • Breaking Bad / Better Call Saul

    So I just finished the final episode of Better Call Saul. What an ending. I’m blown away – as I expected. The entire series may not have been quite as good as breaking bad, but it was the best thing I watched on television nonetheless. It’s weird that this show is over. I’ve spent 13 […]