107 – The Gift

I love plot twists. For Flashforward, it didn’t take too long until a really juicy one arrived. And I love it!

It had to be coming at some point during the first season, but they still dropped it on us as a bombshell: apparently, you can change your future. Unless they magically bring back Al, his suicide just proved what we were all waiting to hear. I personally never doubted it – free will is pretty big in our western society, if you rob us of that no one would watch what you’re writing – but for it to come so soon… it makes me curious towards what other tricks they have up their sleeve.

For a minute, I thought we would see Demitri joining the blue hand club. Now that I’ve seen how savage they are, I’m very happy he didn’t. I really like Demitri (John Cho does a nice job at portraying him), and I wish the best for him.

No Janis this week – but we did get to see a lot of Olivia, Nicole and Bryce. I kind of get the feeling they’re forming a sort of B-story. I want to see more of these people, get them into the plot and not just somewhere along the sides. Although I was pretty disappointed to find out that Bryce’s flashforward was “just” about a Japanese girl. I wonder if there’s a catch to this?

But back to business: I’m really, really excited where we’re going to go from here. Yes, you can change the future. But how? Is throwing yourself of a roof the only thing that will work? Will someone else take Al’s place? I have a little nagging sensation inside of me that keeps telling me that the intriguing mystery that started the series has been robbed of its spotlight. That a (possible) answer has been given. What’s the next problem going to be, then? What’s next?

In All…

I get the feeling that the series is slowly picking up momentum. I thought it was all going a bit slow at first (and the constant repetition of the flashforwards drove me up the wall), but while watching this episode, I actually got the impression I was biting off more than I could chew, and that Marks blackboard was starting to grow bigger than my mind. Have I reached the point where I want to watch these episodes again? Already?