Downton Abbey 103

“I’m not being ridiculous. No Englishman would *dream* of dying in someone else’s house – especially somebody they didn’t even know.” (Violet)

Well that was surely strange. Who would have ever thought people would die in a British costume drama? And that after causing that much intrigue? Downton Abbey is turning into quite the curious little thing.

I’m having some growing sympathy issues with Mary. I think she’s a blunt, bossy knowitall and I wish she’d just shut up instead of giving into that annoying, neverdying urge to butt in and shove her nose where it doesn’t belong. But when that Turkish diplomat lay dead on her bed, I couldn’t help but feel pity for her. A feeling that started rearing its ugly head when she asked the man whether kissing him would get her pregnant. Ho boy.

As far as sideplots go, I think this episode centered around dreams. I loved how easy it was to believe Gwen when she said she wanted to move up in the world and be a secretary. It was so believable and my heart broke when I saw the typewriter standing on the kitchen table. Watching the servants is unbelievably interesting: it’s like observing children at an elementary school.

But as far as dreams go, it was Mr. Bates who took the cake. Of course, we were all rooting for him to be able to use the brace – but deep inside, we knew it wasn’t meant to be. Even if we only are three episodes in, I have a feeling that his handicap is precisely what constitutes this wonderful man. It also finally gave Mrs Hughes a moment in the spotlight.

Thoughts and things

  • I wasn’t that into the whole hunting thing. I guess I like the servants better than their masters.
  • I loved the scene where O’brien does Cora’s hair. There’s so many little things that show those two simply don’t get along.
  • I feel pity for Edith, who seems to be in Mary’s shadow, but my co-watcher doesn’t. Now why is that?

In all…

A very, very strong episode. I just hope they don’t keep introducing new characters. They’ve got enough as it is and halfway down the season, I still have the feeling some of them haven’t had their moment to shine. But then again, this series is on a roll with nothing but stellar episodes, so why should I worry?