Things I did

Thanks for coming to a page titles like a murder confession. Alas, it’s just boring ole writer stuff.

A few things I wrote:

  • Mia (2013), a short film by Wouter Bongaerts about a little girl in a big city. It won a couple of awards.
  • Sixteen episodes of Familie (2015), Belgium’s longest-running soap which I also watched as a kid.
  • And now for the most complicated one: I have a hand in about 200 episodes of the German medical In aller Freundschaft – die jungen Ärzte (2016-current). I have done everything possible, starting as a floor writer who rewrites small scenes, then being promoted to an editor who rewrites screenplays, and then finally being bumped up to co-headwriter who oversees and guides script development. From the top of my head I think am credited for episodes 149, 162, 173, 192, 194, 204, 227, 240 and 243, and I co-wrote the second TV movie special Adventskind.