Ep. 09 – A Shape of Things to Come

The Episode…
The first of the post-strike LOST episodes was everything I had expected: compressed, filled with riddles, action-packed and… effng “shock and awe”. In case you’re not the avid fan (or you’re reading this at some point in the future), let me fill you in: season 4 was planned to have 16 episodes. Due to the strike, however, three episodes got dropped, causing thirteen episodes in total instead of sixteen, but with the same storyline (minus some flashbacks). For an already dense show like LOST, this basically means a very hectic, but fun, ride.

And boy, no time was wasted in this episode. About three minutes in, we get a telephone call – the beginning of the end. About three minutes later, redshirts are getting killed all over the place, pump action shotguns are pulled from piano seats, Claire gets blown up and rescued by the heroic Sawyer… and then, in the not-so-distant future, effing Ben wakes up in the middle of the effing desert wearing an effing Dharma parka! Seriously, even you even so much as blinked during this episode, you’re sure to havemissed something.

Now that Alex is dead (great acting by Michael Emerson by the way), I’m really starting to fear that Danielle Rousseau is truly gone. What a shame. I hope I’m wrong on this, because telling the story of one dead character through others (Libby) is already enough. My hopes are that John and the gang will run into her on the way to the cabin and save her life or something. Or maybe the island? I don’t know.
Apparently, team Darlton have learned something from JJ Abrams’s Cloverfield when coming up with this episode. Smokey, our island’s resident monster, was really, really creepy this time around. It just flew in and devoured everything in sight. So it appears Ben has a certain amount of control over it – I didn’t really see that coming. The monster’s turning into an ever more complicated enigma with every page we turn.
The Questions…
Jeez… nothing!
In all…
Yeah, shock and awe pretty much sums it up. Also, apparently Ben and Widmore are playing a game. What kind of game? Is it like Settlers of Catan? Or more like Risk? …Or Grand Theft Island? Stay tuned for next week’s episode, where Jack… gets apendicitis.
Favourite Quote: Jack: “Were you ever going to get us off this island?!”
Daniel: “…No.”