LEGO Movie

Hey guys! Tired of being grown-up? Sick of hearing about taxes, work and – ick! – responsibilities? Wanna be a kid again? Now you can!

“But Bert”, you tell me, “I am a cynical adult, surely there is no way back from that!”

Sure there is. All you have to do is believe!

…I’m just kidding all you need is money to buy a ticket to the LEGO movie.

In five minutes, you’ll be a giddy little dude again, on the edge of your seat gasping at yellow brick men dancing to the tunes of a god-awful song called “Everything is awesome!”.

Side-effects include calling your mom and asking if she kept your old LEGOs and begging her to please please prettyplease get them back from your nephew/niece/whatever so you can play. They’re yours, after all, and they’re precious.

P.S.: All joking aside, LEGO movie is very entertaining and has some interesting plot twists going for it. Check it out!