“Just update a lot. If you update a lot, you’ll have lots of visitors.”
– Random Friend

“No visitors today”
My blog

Just a quick head’s up: There’s things currently on my mind. As always, one half is writing-related while the the other involves teaching. Both these things require my full attention at the moment, and I seem to jump through mental hoops on a daily basis getting everything done.

I’d like to be a pro and tease my next awesome next project, but unfortunately that only works for well-known people who keep getting money thrown at them and know their projects will end up getting made. I am not one of these people. Yet?

So let’s just leave it at a tease for a tease – a metatease: Yes, I am working on something awesome. And then I’m working on something else that’s really awesome. And then there’s something awesome I should be working on but I’m drawing a blank.

It is during this time I play World of Warcraft.