Final Fantasy XV

Is it wrong to be super excited about Final Fantasy XV? Can I be excited about Final Fantasy at all, now that I’m not a teenage Japanophile anymore?

I mean, look at that trailer!

That’s a trailer to be excited about?

But still, I’ve been burnt so many times by poor stories, terrible voice acting and horrific editing. Some serious Final Fantasy related backstorywound lies on my heavy soul. I still shudder when I think of twelve’s blandness, thirteen’s idiocy – and the sequels! So many sequels!

Sure, fourteen’s been a roller coaster ride. But it’s online, Final Fantasy. And online doesn’t count.

Can you do it, Final Fantasy?
Can you make me love you again?
It’s like you’re on my doorstep with flowers and chocolates, rain drops splashing on your leather jacket.
And even though I know you will probably end up drunk on my couch watching porn and I will wonder if I deserve not to be loved, I’m gonna to let you in.

Please. Be gentle.