Ep. 15 – Maternity Leave

Well, apparently it can be done. Flashbacks can also happen to stuff that happened on the island. It’s a nice mechanic, and I feel that the explanation of what happened to Claire after her abduction by Ethan was a satisfying one. They were trying to get the baby out alive, but didn’t really care about Claire’s well-being. Well, I’d like to believe Ethan does, but he’s just a cog in a bigger system it seems. Like how he answers to beardless Mr. Friedly, for instance. Interestingly, this showed Ethan in a completely different light. Apparently there’s more to him than just a Jungle Brawler – he has a soft spot for Claire. I wonder what kind of sickness he felt he was protecting Aaron from?

This episode shed a bit of light on the Others. So they are using the Dharma Initiative medical station for their own cause. Also, they are masters of disguise – which is great. It means they’re not just savages tromping through the jungle eating babies and dragging their teddy bears as trophies. Big relief that was. I’m kind of amazed that the medical station was empty. Why did the Others leave it? Did they leave it at all? Or are they just trying to make it look deserted, just like they dress up and play savage?

We saw Rousseau’s daughter Alex! …At least, I think we did. It would make sense that the sixteen year old girl that looks exactly like Rousseau is in fact her daughter. I wonder if she knows anything at all? She seemed really nice – she saved Claire’s life together with her mother. How’s that for a nice metaphor?

Favourite Quote:
Claire: So, you’re a shrink, right?
Libby: I’m a clinical psychologist, but “shrink” works, too.