Ep. 16 – The Whole Truth

There you have it. Another layer has been added to Sun and Jin’s ever changing backstory. Now we know who Sun learned her English from. And the tragedy that made their already rocky relationship even worse: infertility. So… the island is apparently to Jin what the Nyle is to Kanaan: a huge boost in cultivationability. If that is even a word. It should.

It appears that Henry Gale (from Minnesota) is not the nicest of people. But then again: how would you be if you had experienced the things he had? First he gets shot by an arrow, then beaten to a pulp. I’d get a bit cynical too if that’s the way I can control the people around me. Stellar, absolutely stellar performance at the end. I wonder what Sayid, Ana-Lucia and Charlie will find?

Was it just me, or was there a very long pause when Jin asked Sun whether the baby was his. Obviously, if she’s been with someone else, she can’t know whose baby it is if she’s only found out about the pregnancy while on the island. Somehow I think the title of the episode is misleading. We have yet to find out the whole truth.

As is usual on this show.

Favourite Quote: Henry: You guys got any milk?