If you’re reading your first LOST review by me, know that I am cheating. I have seen all episodes up to the end of the third season thus far, and can’t wait for the next batch. Know that I am biased in advance – I simply love LOST.

What to say about LOST’s pilot? Well, the fact that it’s the most expensive pilot episode in the history of pilot episodes and also one of the most hyped aside: it’s brilliant. From the opening shot of Jack’s eye in between of the bamboo trees, the  ask of vodka and the labrador, all the way to the ending shot with the insanely creepy French distress call, it’s a treat. Never is it boring or repetitive or cliché, it’s just great fun to watch. Questions are being set in place, and you just want to watch more.

I was immediately sold watching this episode: I loved all of its characters (which have all been wonderfully cast, by the way) – especially the creepy bald guy who says nothing and has an orange in his mouth (who the hell is that guy?!) and Hurley, who is cute in his own slightly slow little way. Apparently, however, not everyone was sold on this pilot: for many people it was too crazy right off the bat, what with an unseen monster, a distress call and so on. If you are one of these: don’t give up, let yourself be sucked into the story a little bit more. It’ll be worth it.

Favourite Quote: Charlie: “Guys. Where are we?”


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