White Rabbit. The first episode which refers to Alice in Wonderland, and certainly not the last. This is also the first Jack-centered episode, in which we find out what he was doing on that plane: returning from Sydney to Los Angeles, with a coffin containing the corpse of his father, Christian Shephard.

Am I the only one completely freaked out by Jack’s dad? Dare I say more: am I the only one who dares to say that Christian Shephard seems like a more interesting character than his son? Mystery loomed around Christian, both off the island (“You don’t have what it takes”) and on the island (where’s his body?). Also, why was he wearing white sneakers on the island? A bold fashion choice, or something more? It boggles the mind…

Meanwhile, on the island, the little bit of rationed water that remained for Team Beach has gone missing. I didn’t find this that interesting, mainly because it was impossible to figure out who it was, much like your basic Agatha Christie novel. Boo for Boone, who always seems to want to take matters into his own hands but ends up screwing things up. Imagine this: without Jack, we’d have a Rose with a pen down her throat.
I’m starting to see a bit of a problem here, a little pattern emerging. I’m not going to be the world’s biggest Jack fan. Jack’s the hero, and I’m not really a hero person. But I guess Americans dig him. Maybe they added Locke especially for the European viewers? Anyway, real hero-wise, Jack took up his crown at the end of the episode (nudged towards it in a wonderfully inspiring but equally confusing scene with John Locke) and spoke the famous words that would lead Team Beach to victory and salvation: “If we can’t live together, we’re going to die alone”. Sorry Jack, but you didn’t make my favourite quote section this week. Thanks for participating!
Favourite Quote: Locke: “I’ve looked into the eye of this Island, and what I saw was beautiful.”


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