Did the week go that fast? It seemed like only yesterday when we saw “The beginning of the End”, the first episode of season 4. And now, after only having watched it again two more times, there’s a new episode already?! Slight hints of sarcasm aside, here’s what I thought about Episode 2 of Season 4, “Confirmed Dead”.

The Episode…

The story has come to a momentary standstill. This is kind of obvious, seeing how there’s not one, two or three, but four new people to be introduced. The victims are Daniel Faraday, Miles Strohm, Charlotte Lewis and Frank Lapidus. With the exception of Charlotte (who will, I think, be vital to the plot development later on) they’re wonderfully interesting. Daniel is a physicist, a “head case” – I think he has the form of Asperger’s (Autism) which causes you to be hyper intelligent but equally antisocial. Miles Strohm is what appears to be a twitchy medium with a foul mouth, very agitated and kind of a crook, but not really a crook. Charlotte Lewis is a postgraduate in archeology, and found aDharma Polar Bear (©1970 Dharma) in Tunesia. Friggin’ Tunesia! She also has a huge forehead. Last on the list is Frank Lapidus – the original pilot of Flight 815 who had to drop out due to… well, due to what actually? He has crazy eyes and a lovely little accent.

Why are they there? They’re there to rescue the losties, but 40 minutes later, we knew that was not the case. On the one hand, there’s Naomi’s picture of Desmond and Penny – so at first we thought it was Widmore. Then, it wasn’t Penny’s boat, so we were kind of in the blue. Then, we saw Naomi with Mr. Abbadon (“There were no survivers”). Ten minutes later, we know why they’re here: Benjamin Linus. Wonderful – I just knew he had more backstory to be uncovered. The question is: why are they on the island? Obviously, the four all had different ideas about it: be it physics, the dead, Dharma and Flight 815. Naomi, who apparently had the picture of Desmond and Penny and contacts with Abbadon, is I think the only one who can answer the question. That, and perhaps Benjamin Linus – the man with the man on their boat. My money’s on Charlotte!

The Questions…

Slow week for the questions. There’s no answer whatsoever. Only more questions: there are now four extra people to be in the coffn at the end of season 3. Poop.

In all…

The episode felt a bit slow, but really a lot happened. I can’t wait for next week’s episode, where they will finally incorporate the four new guys into the actualy storyline a bit more. I liked the first episode better, though – it showed the current evolution in a less disturbing way than this week’s episode. Current evolution? Well… LOST is starting scare me a bit. Because, in a way, the Losties have become the Others. Locke has a hostage. Sayid shot at Miles and Dan. Locke kills Naomi. Jack tries to kill Locke. They’re slowly becoming the “bad guys” and that’s something I’m finding honestly scary. Is it finally Lord of the Flies time on LOST?

On a lighter note: for those who hadn’t read yet: the strike’s over. Five more LOST episodes are coming!

Favourite Quote: Sayid: “So what do you do, Miles?”
Miles: “I collect soil samples.”


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