Time flies by fast – especially if you have seen The Economist, the newest LOST episode. How was it? Read on to find out!

The Episode…

Sayid episodes always make me a bit twitchy. Maybe it’s because I find Naveen Andrews a bit of a disturbing actor (his obvious qualities aside). Maybe because they’re usually very boring (the cat flashback was cute, but insanely farfetched). Maybe because the Iraqi people don’t speak … Iraqi to one another, but English with a funny accent (which bugs me to a great extent, mostly because Jin and Sun never mimick English – English is English and Korean is Korean, what you hear is what you get). This episode, however, was different. And no, that is not just because the flashforward story takes place in Berlin.

Sayid’s apparently been transformed into Ben’s lap dog. I’m really glad they’re keeping up Ben as the evil mastermind. That’s taking the hard route – the easy route would have been to have him rethink his actions and change his ways. That’s not how Ben is though – in fact, he seems even more evil in season four than he did in season three. I love the little guy (even though he should lose the ridiculous glasses he was wearing in this episode’s final scene). I kind of figured Sayid was someone’s dog, but I thought it’d be Abaddon. Do I see two sides: Abaddon versus Linus?

One of the major revelations, one we had seen coming but was finally confirmed, was the one about time. Finally! Dan (who really seemed insane at a certain point – I’m convinced he’s an autist after this ep) requested a beacon, and when he got is, the clock inside was 31 minutes early. So, if I’m correct (and I’m usually not, because I suck at this reverse kind of logic), time’s passing slower on Monster Island. Could time travel be involved? Could this be why Ben had old pound notes in his drawer – notes that went out of circulation in 2001?

So, there go Sayid and Desmond. I’m surprised to see Desmond on that helicopter. I wonder what’s going to happen there: will he be one of the six? I always figured he wouldn’t be, but I’m open to surprises! The

The Questions…

Well, we now know four people that are part of the Oceanic Six. Hurley, Kate, Jack and now Sayid. I was surprised to see Sayid as one of them – I never thought him to be very interesting (although the last minutes of this episode made me change my mind). Another question that got hinted at – again – was the one about Jacob. While we don’t know who or what he/she/it is, we do know the cabin was gone. Did Locke get abandoned? Also, the Jack-Sawyer-Kate triangle got a bit of a punch: Kate’s starting to doubt whether Sawyer was the right choice. Sawyer wants to play house, Kate’s not interested. Although, she did “stay behind” in the end. But, LOST-style, I doubt that that’ll be the last word we hear about it. Maybe next week?

In all…

Not my favourite season 4 episode. I think it’s my favourite Sayid episode though. Enter 77 had a nice on-island story, but the flashback was dodgy. This one was great all around. Oh, and did I mention it had Berlin?

Favourite Quote: Hurley: “Locke said you were here to kill us. So are ya?”
Miles: “…Not yet.”


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