Well. The week went by, and here we are with another LOST review. I’ll keep this one short, mainly because – the last twist aside – nothing really fundamental seemed to have happened. It’s a resolving of the whole pregnancy theme. Now all that’s left is Sun and we can all live happily ever after!

The Episode…

I’m glad we finally saw the end of the whole fugitive storyline. Kate is without a doubt the character I like least of all losties, and all of her flashbacks were not only boring but very irritating at times as well. In comparison, this flashforward was really, really good. We got a nice little plot twist at the end (which kind of screwed Claire – which is good as I’d really have a hard time deciding whether I like Claire less than Kate so it’s good that they decided for me), we got some more Evil Beardless Jack and a little info: eight survived the meta-crash, but two of them died. I smell a double homicide coming up, do you?

Every episode confirms my suspicions: Jack and Locke have both gone off their rocker. For Locke, this is very obvious because we don’t know his higher goals (which are perfectly understandable I am certain). For Jack, it’s more implicit. He has become unbelievably violent, but his ”darkest hour” only shows up in his flashforwards. I like what they’re doing to the two protagonists, it’s just a shame that people seem to think Jack is right and Locke is wrong, because it’s just not that simple. I’m quite curious to see where they’ll take it. Jack will return to the light, but will Locke? I can’t wait to find out!

I have the impression they make the Kate episodes especially for the housewives amongst the viewers. We got a tiny pile of mystery (eight survivers, Aaron, Faraday not remembering the cards, the disappearing of the helicopter, 2.3 million), but most of all, we were given a lot of Sawyer and Kate, Kate and Sawyer – filled with references to good ol’ Jacko. And, frankly, it’s really starting to grow a bit old. In the little world in my head Kate is meant to end up with Sawyer and Jack is meant to end up with Juliet. The other way around just wouldn’t work. Because we all remember that Kate can’t do taco night! It’s not that hard!

The Questions…

More mystery surrounding question the first. Just when we started to find out who got off the island, we know there’s two who supposedly explicitly did not. So… who got off the island just got a bit more complicated. The fourth question (”I’m sick of lying”) also was hinted at again. There’s a conspiracy, and Jack’s the enforcing lap dog. Most importantly: Question 3 has been solved! I didn’t see it coming, but I guess Kate didn’t have to return to Sawyer, a marshall or her exploding zombie father. She had to return to little baby Aaron. The fact that she is not Aaron’s mother aside, I find that very adorable. Question 7, however… I don’t want to go into that.

In all…

I liked this episode. But I’ll like it more when it’s out on DVD, because on it’s own, it was kind of uninteresting. Kind of like ”Stranger in a Strange Land” but with good flashes this time. It’s a nice
episode if you have access to the next one. It relieves your tension for a bit, and you can pay a lit less attention while it’s on. Maybe grab yourself a little bit of grub on the way. Next week’s episode is all about Desmond – so my hunch is right: this less Lostish episode is just a little preparation for something interesting…
Favourite Quote: ”She’s the very definition of a flight risk!”


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