The episode…
Finally! Something I saw coming! I knew from the instance they introduced the flashforwards in LOST that we had not seen the last of the broken line storytelling. And Ji Yeon confirmed my sneaky suspicion: we got a  flashback and a flashforward, and both in one episode. Wonderful! I’m absolutely delighted to see this kind of storytelling. It’s a bit more complicated and it probably confused and infuriated a lot of viewers. But hey, if you can’t handle not being fed what is going on on screen, you shouldn’t be watching this anyway.

So, now we know the identity of the Oceanic Six. I can’t help but feeling a bit disappointed here. This is the list: Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun… and Aaron. In my opinion, having Aaron as the last of the Oceanic Six is a bit disappointing: we knew he made it off the island back in Eggtown, but because the writers wanted to keep the suspense going (due to the suspense in this episode) they just couldn’t rub it in our faces. Maybe I’m too stupid for this show too?
In other news, the whole adultery story arc for Sun and Jin has finally come to a close. Thanks, Bernard! Jin and Sun are very touching as a couple, but I am starting to think that Jin’s become a bit too much of a good guy. I mean, he was a demon off-island, but now he’s practically a saint… which, for a strong and confident woman such a Sun, is a bit… stretched. Sun is obviously not without  flaws, but in the end, she got away with it. Am I exaggerating? Or am I right thinking this was all a bit … naive?

So Michael’s the man on the boat. Whoa, what a surprise. I like how they brought Michael back – it was a really nice touch and I didn’t see it coming at the start of season 4, but it’s still a bit of a dodgy execution: Harold Perrineau’s name has been in the cast list since Episode 1. You could see it coming from miles away. But hey, I’ll forgive them – I’m just too curious to see how and why Michael made it back to the island of doctor Moreau… erm, I mean Jack.

The questions…

Question 1 has been answered. We know all of the Oceanic Six. Obviously, there are going to be more people that make it off the island (Desmond wasn’t on the plane, but he’s on the freighter now nonetheless), but we have got the “main list”. Question six (Ben’s motivation) got hinted at again: it has something to do with Widmore. What Widmore wants, we do not yet know. And that’s about it. Slowly, but steadily, we’re getting somewhere. New questions are arising though, so I’ll have to post a new list of questions after reviewing episode eight.

In all…

I really liked this episode. If you watch it a second time, the whole Jin story feels really useless, but just remembering how confused you were the first time around is enough. It was an entirely tragic episode: Jin and Sun are a wonderful couple and I don’t think anyone wants to see them separated. That’s why I’m sure that Jin is still alive! He has to be! Pretty please, Lost Writers?
Favourite Quote: Sun: I’m two months pregnant.
Dan: Oh, you’re… Wow, that’s… Congratulations!


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