The Episode…

Well, the cat’s out of the bag. Widmore’s the one looking for the island. Last week’s episode, The Constant, already gave us an undeniable hint, but this week just plain out confirmed it – LOST style: with a Red Sox reference. There are a few holes in Ben’s explanations though: I don’t buy his “Virgin Mary Mold” rhetorics one bit. Once again, Ben is telling us two truths and a lie. The second truth (and the truth which should keep me from strangling Locke for being gullible) is obviously the identity of the man on the freighter. We’ll find out next week. Small hint: it’s Michael. (seriously, if you hadn’t figured that out by now, you’re not paying attention).

I like Juliet. She’s a real tragic character, being haunted by her past. What’s up with that Harper woman? I suspect we don’t know half of the entire story – I’m quite sure Harper, at some point in the story, died or disappeared or something. I don’t know, I could be wrong, but this entire episode felt a bit wrong, like the first
flash forward in the season 3 finale. You watch it, you feel something’s wrong, but you can’t quite place it. There’s some important pieces of the puzzle missing. Small, but important pieces nonetheless.

The Questions…

So, right. Anyway. Jack kissed Juliet. Could we give the whole love triangle-quadrangle a rest now? Pretty please? It’s getting more complicated and annoying than my last geometry course. Question seven is really starting to annoy me! In other news, question six got worked on. We already knew why Locke didn’t want Jack to call the freighter. Taller ghost Walt. But why Ben? We know half of the story now: Widmore. Not Penny, but Charles, is looking for the island. We could offer a reasonable explanation: about eternal youth, about healing powers… But I don’t expect that to be the case. I think the answer lies more towards the room behind the book shelf in Ben’s house. Time travel.

I was kind of disappointed in this episode. I’m a big Juliet fan, but this really failed to “wow” me. It’s like they had some leftover “first half of season 3” storyline lying there, and just needed to tie the interesting parts in Juliets life together – but those ties turned out to be pretty dull. All the actors delivered a great performance (especially Daniel with his wonderful quote – see below), but it all seemed a bit too far-fetched. What a shame! But I’m sure this is once again just a little anticipation for next week’s episode… which proves to be quite shocking. We’ll see!

Favourite Quote: Dan: “Juliet… what are you doing here?”


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