How do you top the insane success of Ratatouille? How do you top the most adorable rat, the coolest world and the best soundtrack? Insert a lovable robot, a completely empty, lonely world and fifties music. Ladies and gentlemen, Pixar has saved best for last with their latest film: Wall-E.

One bot to clean it all

The premise of the movie seems simple at first, but turns out to be deviously political as it goes along: Wall-E is a little robot given the task to clean up a deserted and dirty earth. While doing so, he runs into Eve, another robot with a mysterious task – a robot with which he soon falls in love. This is just the surface of a complex movie about a love for our planet, and an (in)evitable future in which the human race propels itself. Or you could just ignore that message altogether – then you’d have a nice, fun and stylish children’s movie. But that would obviously be a waste.

As always, Wall-E is – on one hand – chock-full of little details; but on the other hand, nothing really feels stretched or over-used. This is in part thanks to the series of miniature plots the movies progresses to: there is Wall-E’s lonely existence on earth, him meeting Eve, then discovering the space-ship Axiom and its inhabitants, and then the main plot of the movie: the plant. This is both a strength and a weakness: it has the risk of screwing with the fl
ow curve of the movie; but thankfully the nice people at Pixar have a knack for polishing something until it’s just about right. Wall-E is no exception.

Wall-E is a pearl, a diamond, the cream of the crop of the Pixar movies so far. It contains the best elements of all pixar movies: an incredibly immersive world (Ratatouille), great characters (The Incredibles), an unexpectedly creative and unconventional plot (Monsters Inc) and a great deal of extra cast members to bring comic relief (Finding Nemo). It’s like the ultimate Pixar Pudding!

In All…

I cannot stress enough how great Wall-E is. If you have not seen it, you should most definitely do so. It is a moving tale that will have sucked you in five minutes after it’s started. And you will laugh and clap like a ten year old when it does!

Favourite Quote:
Wall-E: WwAaAaAlLlLlYyYy?


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