So you think you’ve got it all figured out. So you glance at the title and you know what the episode’s going to be about. Then the last five minutes take that title and completely turn it around. And I couldn’t be happier that they did.

The Episode…

I’m not the biggest fan of Kate and Jack. They’ve never truly convinced me (see my review of Something Nice Back Home back in Season 4), and always felt a bit puberescent – too simple to be an interesting love story. For those wondering: yes, the same thing goes for Sawyer and Kate in my opinion. However, this week’s episode was a step in the right direction. When Jack knelt next to Kate’s car and the two exchanged glances, you could see the core of what their relationship is about: they are two broken people who understand each other through and through, but have been through so much that things between them are simply broken beyond repair. That one moment showed that – congratulations, we’ve gone a step in the right direction.

What the fuck moment of the week: Jin’s alive and has once again shipwrecked and wound up with others – this time Danielle’s crew. It’s finally time to find out about Montand and his fricken arm! Hurrah! Danielle looks quite normal; I guess killing your crew and husband and then having your baby stolen by Ben Linus takes the sanity out of you. As opposed to the Tunesian French in Confirmed Dead in Season 4, this French sounded very good. I’m very curious to see where they go with this!

After every episode, Cake Sensei and me try to find the sense in the little things. These talks tend to get longer with every episode into season five. It is dawning on me that people seem to grasp the concept of time travel used on the show less and less. What Cake Sensei and me have a hard time understanding, though, is why some objects seem to flash while others don’t. The camp flashed away because it hadn’t been built yet. Same with the disappearing explosion of the hatch. But what with Sawyer’s rifle from 1954? Locke’s compass? The catamaran? They all stayed? Is it because those objects are currently being used? Especially the catamaran is a bit of a strange case in my opinion. I hope this gets cleared up soon – it all feels a bit too convenient.

Oh, and by the way: I’m calling it right now. The people shooting at our Losties in the catamaran… where our very own losties. They were shooting at themselves.

The Questions…

Nothing much this week, but next week will be all about question 7 – Rousseau’s expedition.

In All…

A nifty episode. It’s good to see everything come together: the Oceanic Six are all in the same place again and the people on the island are slowly but surely starting their move to the Orchid station. Seeing how the next episode will feature Jin’s adventures with the French crew, I don’t think the story will advance much in the next episode though…

Favourite Quote:
Sawyer: Thank you lord! …I take that back!


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