They weren’t kidding!

The Episode…

Let’s get this out of the way first: poor, poor Charlotte. Sure, she was my least favourite character of the freighter folk, but to see her die… That was really, really sad. A great performance by Rebecca Mader, and by her make-up team who made her look half past dead (nice contrast with the
flaming hair, by the way). I was kind of starting to hope that no one would die anymore, seeing how all characters are extremely engaging and interesting. Guess my hope was in vein.

Last week’s question was kind of anwered (or: I figured out a coherent answer to it). If they’re holding it, it stays. That’s why the rope broke on Locke – Sawyer grabbed it and the top part flashed along with him. Simple and clean. Speaking of which: I’m calling it now. In “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham” – in two weeks – we will see the return of John Locke in the wheelchair. I mean, the man had his leg bones break through his flesh, that can’t be good. The island giveth and taketh? If that’s not the case, it is great irony, and a nice piece of storytelling.

Christian couldn’t help Locke up. Does that mean he can’t interact with the world of the living? Why was he holding little Aaron back in Season 4? Or was it that Locke had to find his own way? I loved seeing Christian again – John Terry is a great actor, and his character might not get a lot of screentime, but when he does… Another call: Locke will reincarnate just like Christian did when he returns to the island with the Oceanic Six.

The Questions…

Now we know what’s up with Charlotte. Shame there’s no flashback – but seeing how we’ll be seeing her younger self later in the season, I wouldn’t quite forget about her just yet. In the end, we found out rather little about the freighter folk, but I did make two interesting observations. First: the monster is “just” a security system for that temple (THE temple, by the way?). Second: did the crew get sick, like Rousseau said back in Season one? They did seem… brainwashed or something. An interesting thought worth pondering.

In all…

I really liked this episode. There was a lot of moving forward islandwise, and my fear of having the flashes on the island used as an all-too convenient plot device seemed exaggerated, seeing how Locke already left the island and the flashes might stop altogether now. The story’s moving along, and I think that starting from the next episode, things will switch into an even higher – but more intelligible – gear.

Favourite Quote:
Daniel: So…you speak any other languages?
Charlotte: Just Klingon.


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