I was wrong. There was one more episode inbetween.

The Episode

It was so obvious, and I still don’t get why I hadn’t figured it out. We saw the Oceanic Six’s side of the three years. We saw John Locke’s side of the three years. Why did I think for a minute that we wouldn’t see the three years go by for Team Island? When I heard Sawyer say “As long as it takes”, and then “three years later” popped, my heart skipped a beat. And I felt stupid – the good, Lostian way.

I was a bit suspicious of having a Sawyer episode. Sure, it’s been a while (two seasons!) but they never really were good… mediocre at best, but never good. This episode changes all that: Sawyer, who has redeemed himself in those three years and became a walking woman’s wet dream that will also do your dishes on the side, has suddenly become more interesting than he was before. Odd, seeing how they stripped him of practically everything that made him interesting in the beginning of the show. They did this with Kate, but it didn’t work quite as well as for Sawyer. Maybe they learned from their mistakes? Or maybe Kate’s just a less interesting character than Sawyer?

I was so, so happy to see Juliet and Sawyer together. It’s not that they are the match made in heaven (unless opposites really do attract), but I realised that these two characters are the two in this quadrangle that I wish to see happy. I don’t care about Jack or Kate (let them be miserable and angsty together), but those two… I wish nothing but the best for them. And that can’t be in the penultimate season. So expect them to be broken up fast.

On the mysterious islandy side, we got a glimpse of the statue. The fact that we saw it from behind has the mean something. Or is it just because it’s logical that statues look out at the sea (e.g. Alexandria)? At any rate: the thing looked very Egyptian. In case you hadn’t guessed yet: that puts it in the group containing the smoke monster and the temple. Interesting thought.

Ending up in the seventies means a few things. First: Dharma. Second: Widmore. Third: Ben. I’ve been thinking: if Ben banished Widmore from the island… maybe it wasn’t a power surge? Maybe he was trying to protect him from the purge? There’s so little things we do not know yet, but I have a gut feeling we’ll find it out sooner rather then later. While we’re in the seventies, might as well visit good old young Ben.

The Questions

No relevant questions this week. Tune in next time! Even though I fear the questions section will be kind of empty until they leave the Dharma Age.

In All

This episode was an emotional roller coaster. We saw Sawyer come so far in three years time, there was Amy who
ashed between weak strong, Juliet found her happiness, Daniel’s grief over Charlotte… I did miss a little reveals in the second half of the episode, though, and I hated the cliffhanger. I mean: no one can possibly be rooting for Kate to end up with Sawyer after they’ve seen how cute Sawyer looks with a Juliet on him?

Favourite Quote :
Sawyer: “Let me talk to him.”
Horace: “Excuse me?”
Sawyer: “Your buddy out there with the eyeliner. Let me talk to him.”


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