The Episode…

Okay guys, it’s gone far enough. I’ve been with you for five seasons, rooting for you, cheering you on, hoping something good would come of it. In fact: I still do, don’t doubt that. But seriously: when you’ve only got one and a half season of your show left, the clock is ticking. So… how do you keep the story at a standstill for three consecutive episodes? Namaste, together with the previous episode LaFleur, have “Deathly Hallows” written all over them: in need of serious cutting. Not because of youn Ben. Not at all.

Now I’m not saying those two episodes were bad – they were clever, funny and well-written, the things I have come to expect from a LOST episode. But: they reeked of filler. And I can handle one filler episode, but two in a row when I know there’s only going to be that many episodes? That stinks.

I loved one part though, but only time can tell if it has been deliberate. When Christian is talking to Frank and Sun at the reception, all of a sudden the door opens. Obviously our good old island smoke monster. When the camera cuts back to Sun, however, we can see the shadow of a girl moving in the background. Who was that? Claire? And why? Why didn’t Sun notice her? There are so many cool possibilities, so I hope we get to explore one fast. Oh, and I also hope Lapidus grows his beard back. He looks too much like a pedophile now.

We finally got our first look at the fabled Radzinsky. So he’s the one that designed the Swan station? Does this mean the numbers originated from him (seeing how he is at a communication station at the moment and will brand the numbers on the side of the hatch)? I like how he seems like the perfect Dharma-trooper at the moment. I hope to see him grow into this deranged maniac that drew the blast door map and shot himself through the head. But don’t show us the shooting through the head please. Nobody wants to see that.

The Questions…

Interesting point to raise: Sun and Lapidus did not end up in 1977. Why is that? Did the island not take Sun because Jin wasn’t there? Did Lapidus not fit the part of Seth Norris, our original captain? I kind of get the feeling they’re all part of some game at the moment, a game played by either Jacob or the whispers. Interesting, no?

In All…

LOST, I know that you’ll get your act together. I know this all just a big set-up towards the next big thing. But it better start next week. These episodes will be awesome on DVD, but when you’ve got to wait in between? Not so much. Let’s hope a Sayid episode can stir things up a bit.

Favourite Quote:
Hurley: Dude your English is awesome.


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