Oh Sawyer, why dost thou do such evil things? I guess he says it all himself: A tiger don’t change his stripes. I’m a bit weary of Sawyer’s seemingly anarchistic approach to this, but I guess it makes sense: Sawyer needs stuff to feel good.

This episode was another in-betweener: good if you can continue watching, but hell if you have to wait for a week to see how things unroll. You have to admit, nothing really happened other than Sawyer taking the Island Prick award from Charlie.

He basically fooled everyone – especially Jack and Locke. And somehow I can accept Jack being gullible, but Locke? Locke’s pissing me off this season – where’s the boar-hunting, knife-hurling Locke we met in Season One? It’s like the revived Locke withered away when the hatch was opened. Really frustrating.

My favourite moment this episode was when Hurley and Sayid tried out the walkie and were met with… “moonlight serenade” playing on a radio station. There was something really interesting in that scene, I think. And not just the characters or the absurdity of it all.

An interesting in-between episode. It’s nice to get to know Sawyer a little better – there’s more to him than it seems. He really did like Cassidy, even though he tricked her. He felt really bad about it. And that’s something interesting for a con man. Something Anthony Cooper will never have.

Favourite Quote:
Hurley: “Or any time. …Just kidding, dude.”


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