So where were we?

When we left our Losties, there were two groups roaming around on the island, without the possibility of them meeting. The reason? One of them was in the present, whereas the other was in 1977. Big shocker!

Poor Ben. He just doesn’t see he’s being conned. He doesn’t see the forest for the trees, but to be quite frank: neither did I. I did not see it coming that John Locke was actually not John Locke, but Jacob’s nemesis, looking for a loop hole in order to kill him. It’s interesting, because not only did it raise a thousand questions about John Locke, more than that: it shifted millions of questions about Jacob to this new, mysterious “man in black”. Obviously, of both cliff hangers, this was the most shocking and daring one. It’ll probably also be the one they build upon for the series’ final moments – just my two cents.

On the other, 1977 did most definitely have the tear-jerking, short term shock effect: in the final moments of the fifth season, Juliet – alone and slowly dying – detonated Jughead. This will obviously be the first question leading up to the sixth season: what happened when she did? Did she create a new timeline? Or restore the original 2004? Will Oceanic 815 land in Los Angeles? Time will tell!

The Ten Questions

Just like every year, I’ve got some questions I hope to see resolved in the next season. And, because this is LOST’s supposed final season, I have pulled out all the stops and tried to find the most pressing mysteries still surrounding the island and its characters.

  • Who is the „Man in Black“?
  • This is most definitely one of the biggest questions in the season five finale. He got introduced as such a threat, that by the end of the episode, when it was clear that he was inside John Locke’s body, his identity became one of the central pieces of the island’s mythology.

    My Guess: This guy reaches into the core of the show and was already hinted at in the Pilot episode by Locke himself: Backgammon. One side is white. One side is black. Wonder if the black guy is automatically the bad one? Interesting that I’m asking the “good-or-bad-guy” questions in a show that, thus far, had none of these. I’m excited to see where they take this!

  • What happened when Juliet blew up the bomb?
  • As already said, this will be the first question asked going into the sixth season. It’s the reason there’s no promotional stills for the first episodes, and why shooting (and almost even casting) is kept a secret.

    My Guess: I would personally lean towards an alternate universe theory. Something along the lines of: at first we make the audience believe that they truly did change the future, but there will a catch. Something will off and destiny will lead them back to the island. Even if their flight landed in LA.

  • What is Richard Alperts secret?
  • Richard Alpert is slowly starting to reveal his true form. Everything is still an enigma though: why doesn’t he age? Where did he come from? What is he doing there, exactly?

    My Guess: It’s gotten pretty clear that Richard is one of the Black Rock’s survivors. Jacob gave him the gift of not aging, in order to get something back from him. Protection? Advice? The questions about the Black Rock might not be at the centre of attention, but I do hope we get a solution anyway.

  • What is the smoke monster?
  • Every time we see the monster, we find out something more about it. So far, we’ve found out it’s a security system, protecting a temple, being able to take the form of the deceased, showing people their biggest moments of redemptive need. And if you’re not sorry for your sins… you die.

    My Guess: it’s almost a religious object. I think it’s one of the those things that will remain partially unsolved. I mean: how do you explain that Egyptians created a column of flying smoke in order to make an aggressive confession chair and not lose your credibility as a writer?

  • Does John Locke still exist somewhere, somehow?
  • One of the nasty after effects of the season five finale was the fact that John Locke is – we think – dead. This is weird: I’ve invested so much into his character and I liked him so much, but now I’m at a loss: am I supposed to be happy because Terry O’Quinn is still there, or am I supposed to be sad because I won’t see Locke again?

    My Guess: As Locke is such an important character to the show’s mythology, there’s going to be a catch. At the very least, we will see John Locke again. They kind of owe us that, no?

  • Will we find out whether Desmond or Walt are truly special?
  • When I was first finished with season five, I was really disappointed that Desmond had such a small role. Now, apparently, he hasn’t even been contracted as a member of the cast anymore. Yes, Desmond’s romantic story arc is over, but his mythological arc not so much: why is he special? The same question could be asked for Walt: is he really special?

    My Guess: I hope to see Desmond again. I think we will – I hope that will clear everything up (even if I doubt it). With Walt, I actually have trouble thinking of a moment where it was decided that he was actually special. The bird could have been a coincidence, the “him showing up in places he wasn’t supposed to” was really the smoke monster… Very, very doubtful.

  • Who are Adam and Eve?
  • When we saw Rose and Bernard in 1977, we knew is was going to be them. But now, as history’s been changed, is the answer really Rose and Bernard?

    My Guess: It’s really Rose and Bernard.

  • What’s up with Ilana? What about Frank?
  • It’s the same question every year: “What is up with the new cast members?” This year, the biggest enigma is obviously Ilana: who is she? How did she come to meet Jacob? Why was she severely burned and in need of healing? And Frank: how did the 22nd of September, 2004, come to pass for him? Why was he supposed to be flying Oceanic 815, but didn’t?

    My Guess: Frank used to be an alcoholic, so I guess that’ll be in there. I truly doubt we’ll see the long expected Frank Flashback, though. Ilana is a different nut to crack: her flashback will be of vital importance in order to understand the story. What it is though, I really could not imagine.

  • Is it destiny that they ended up on the island?
  • This is a question that has been asked since season one. Yes, I know, it has been made clear that they crashed there because Desmond didn’t push the button in the Swan, but still: why has destiny always been bringing them back to the island? What is destiny? What are they there for?

    My Guess: As a writer, this would be one of the hardest questions to answer without going overboard on the mythology or corny writing. I’m guessing there is a form of destiny, they do have a connection to the island. Why or what, though…

  • Will they, in the end, get off the island?
  • Even if the show’s premise isn’t really about getting off the island anymore, I do wonder: how will they end this thing? What will be the final image? How will they pull it off and what should we be waiting for with said ending?

    My Guess: for some reason, I keep picturing Aaron and Yi Jeon in my mind, walking over the island, which is completely burned down. But that’d be silly and it’s the reason why I don’t write this show. Also, I don’t live in LA.

    See you after the first episode!


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