I’m having a bit of trouble combining school and creative writing with a personal life, so the LOST reviews are a tad late. Also, as the story starts wrapping up and more and more questions get answered, it’s getting harder to write a lot about the episodes. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The Episode…

Oh Sawyer, you’ve returned back to your roots. You’re no longer the security man slash husband – you’re back to good old conning people. Or are you? In the flashforward, it appears our favourite Southerner is exactly what he was in the last Season – with the exception of the sparkling love life. But now that our man has run into Kate, that’s bound to change.

It seems that, as the season progresses, the flash sideways get consistently better. Especially this one was a perfect mirror image of the man we’ve come to know and love on the island. Even Miles was there: it seemed like the perfect reproduction of the DHARMA times. Interesting is, that they’ve shed light on the deepest of Sawyer’s psyche: he would either become a cop or a criminal. Enough said.

But enough about Sawyer. This episode also gave us some insight in the true dynamics between Locke’s bunch of baddies. For those wondering whether Claire was under complete control of Locke – your question has been answered. As with every group of bad people, it appears that everyone’s got very diverging ideas of the end goal. Claire is just in it to get Aaron back – a goal for which she tried to kill Kate. And, as in every group of bad people, she got smacked around by the leader, survival of the fittest style.

The Questions…

As for the questions, I’m going to take a new approach. Every episode has a mystery set up for the next episode, so, due to lack of usable predictions this year, I’m going to smash my keyboard randomly at those.

This week: the door on the submarine. What’s behind it? It would be awesome symbolism, à la hatch, if it would be Desmond. It would even make a bit of sense: Widmore knows that Desmond (and Penny) still have a destiny on the island, maybe he brought him (and her) back? Alan Dale said he read all his lines, and left unsatisfied about his character – but then again, Dale started hating LOST shortly after he received a guest spot, so meh.

Next Week…

Next week’s episode is called “Ab Aeterno” and focuses on Richard Alpert – our favourite non-aging man. It’s an episode we’ve been waiting for for a while; I expect that it’ll be very, very good.

In All…

At some time during Season 3, I started thinking that there was no way to possibly make Sawyer an interesting character – flashbackwise. I tend to think that the writers figured the same thing, so he was left untouched until season five. But the real revelation came in this episode: Sawyer is a man with a psychological duality; he can be either a cop or a criminal. In a way, it’s kind of like as if the writers only started to understand their own character just now.

Favourite Quote: Charlotte: “Yes, I’m exactly like Indiana Jones.”
Sawyer: “You got a whip?”
Charlotte: “Maybe.”


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