We’re past the mid point of the final season now. The end is rapidly closing in, but just like last year, I kind of get the feeling nothing’s happened yet. On the other hand, a few episodes ago, they were still kicking ass in the temple or on Flight 815 as it safely landed in LA. Where are we know? Waiting for the ass-kicking on the beach to start, I guess.

The Episode…

I love Jin and Sun. Especially Yunjin Kim has a soft spot with me, ever since her chilling performance in “There’s no place like home”, the season four finale. Her performance was so breath-taking, one of the best ones to date on lost, that I – since then – started wondering why we haven’t seen more of her.

It’s funny how the roles are reversed now: in the first three seasons, Sun’s role was bigger than Jin’s, because Sun was the one being able to communicate. Now, because Jin speaks English, he’s got some more things happening to him – things he’s in the center of. Like being kidnapped by Charles Widmore, for example.

Ever since they got back on the island, however, I have the feeling the writers have been having trouble giving Sun a satisfying story. All she does for about an entire season is follow the rest, hoping to run into Jin – not very exciting for a woman I thought had a lot of pep.

So it’s nice to see their sidestory. A lot of past friends of ours returned: Patchy, Omar, Keamy… I wonder if the crash saved their life in the “real” timeline? I wonder if they were going to have Jin killed in LA aswell, but for a different reason? The whole secret relationship thing had me fooled; it blew my mind twice. Blame me for being naive, but it was a truly awesome feat to pull off.

The Questions…

The biggest reveal of the week, however, was my being right about Desmond being inside the submarine. As soon as Widmore mentioned electromagnetical pockets, I was convinced Desmond would return soon. I wonder how hey got back? The shot with Sayid in the water was priceless, by the way. I wonder if Naveen laughed his ass off at the silliness of it, and then marveled in the end that it did, in the end, look good?

Next Week…

Happily ever after focuses around Desmond. This raises an interesting question: will we get a flash sideways, or a flashback? I mean: I would love to find out how he ended up in Widmore’s hands, but on the other hand, the idea of a flash sideways featuring Desmond sounds awesome aswell.

Oh, and this episode title does not sound good. I hope they don’t hurt Des. Or anyone else for that matter.

In All…

Yunjin Kim acting that she was shot was enough to rate this episode an A+ for me. I don’t know why, but I really felt her pain. It was nice to see how Jin ended up in the freezer, but on the other hand, it was also a bit of an anticlimax. Sayid just ran off. I’m wondering more and more how they are going to tie these flash sideways up. Time is running out, and we still don’t know what they’re there for or why we’re watching them.

But they’re entertaining, and that’s good enough for me.

Favourite Quote: Miles: Unless Alpert’s covered in bacon grease, I’m not sure Hurley can track anything…
Frank: Hey. Don’t talk about bacon.


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