If it’s not clear to you by now, let me give it on a silver plate: the final episode will be an emotional roller coaster ride, with some awesome action in between. If you’re still in denial, thinking you’re going to get answers to all your questions – think again. What this season has been doing is different, more subtle: they’ve been leaving a bread crumb trail for us to follow. Yes, that means that when it is over, you’ll have to watch it all over again.

The Episode…

After a mythology heavy episode, this one really nailed the character counterpart: most of this episode was all about people trekking through the jungle, shooting each other unexpectedly, or being eaten by the smoke monster. And that’s what LOST has been doing at its finest for the last six years, so why complain now? The episode was a brilliant set-up to the final one. The pieces are in place (although some seem to be missing, like Desmond) – now it’s up to Jack and Locke to play their game of island chess.

On the flash sideways side, there was some pretty nifty stuff going on too. It’s taken a while, but it appears that the Losties will finally be meeting – at a concert, nonetheless. I love the idea of them gathering in one place, I wonder what that will mean? Giacchino also went all-out with some magnificent musical wonderwork, making the scene where Desmond meets Hurley unforgettable.

The Questions…

So Desmond is the fail-safe. What does that mean? It appears that Desmond is the emergency Jacob in case Jack fails. But what if the logic stretches out beyond that, and hints us to what the sideways universe might mean?

Look at it this way: Desmond seems awfully close to being Jacob in the flash sideways. He’s gathering everyone, showing them what it’s all about, trying to make them remember. Does this mean that the flash sideways are what happens after Jack failed to kill the man in black? Is Desmond trying to set everything straight again? I think this is an interesting possibility for the flash sideways – they would finally make sense.

In All…

I didn’t talk about so many things – Richard, Ben, Miles (where is Miles?), but with the final coming up, I’m trying not to overthink things and just see where they go. It’s going to be one hell of a battle in the end, and I have no idea what’s going to happen. I wonder how much excitement they can possibly cram into a series finale. I wonder if my head will explode?


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