“I suppose it’s a schvartze term.” (Eddie)

A lot of transport in this episode – which is unspurprisingly called “Broadway limited”, referring to the train between New York and Chicago. Incidently, it ended with Jimmy on said train – so the questions to where he is going are answered in advance.

This episode marked the first real scene with Chalky White (Michael Kenneth Williams, who apparently performes in The Wire, which I have not yet seen – for shame!). Interesting character – funnily enough, I find him to be an intellectual match for Nucky. They’re like professor X and Magneto in completely skewed conditions. Oddly enough, I can guess why “the blacks” seem to like Nucky: even though he took a very harsh decision in the end, he’s the first character I’ve seen on this show that doesn’t talk down to them and treats them like just another business associate. Because that’s what it all is for Nucky: business.

Which is what makes his relationship with Margaret Schroder all the more interesting. Lucy Danziger – who again spent more time naked than dressed – senses it better than anyone else, and is using all her might and influence to keep this outsider down. And Margaret just bears with it – even knelt below an undressed, slanted-hips Lucy, she still seemed to be the more naked one.

She wants a baby – but Nucky won’t have it. It’s an election year, after all. Bad time to have a baby with your more-naked-than-not concubine. “The dumber they are, the better I like them” seemed like the perfect song. I love how they’re throwing around Eddie Cantor – he’s the best.

Stuff and things

  • The most stunning diplays of the twenties most definitely was a doctor jamming a syringe(like device) up Lucky’s penis. God, I cringed.
  • Runner-up of the week: the dentist having to explain to Van Alden what cocaine is.
  • Speaking of Van Alden: that was the most prominent inconspicious cross I have ever seen. Check his living room.
  • Eli and Nucky have an interesting relationship. Eli is obviously yearning for his brother’s recognition. But Nucky doesn’t compliment anyone from the bottom of his heart. Except for Jimmy – that speech was very, very sad.
  • Jimmy was reading Free Air. Am I missing something? Seems like an awful shift in tone to be relevant.
  • Van Alden is a creepy son of a bitch.

In All

Sweet episode. It didn’t really punch me in the face like the other two did, but I like seeing these characters move. It’s kind of weird having cast members in three fronts, knowing they probably won’t interact anytime soon. Atlantic City is a wonderful location; Chicago and New York seem bland in comparison. But then again, I guess it was the same in real life – that boardwalk is just incredible.

It really was a different world back then.


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