“That idiot is going to be the next president of the United States of America.” (Nucky)

What a great plot twist; a great dramatic decision at the expense of Van Alden’s poor wife. It was the ultimate pious dick move to send Angela the money (that actually belonged to her) instead of giving it to his wife to get fertility treatment. Holy crap – Boardwalk Empire’s continuous shift in morality seems to be reaching me as well.

Family ties. Nucky and Eli might be closest in blood relation to all those on the show – they seem to be the furthest apart in terms of respect for one another. Nucky kept going on and on to Jimmy about “the sheriff”, never talking about his feelings for the man behind the badge. Even to Margaret he only said he didn’t know if he was feeling fine. As if he hates his brother, but was somehow hurt by the news anyway.

Or what about father and son – Jimmy and Nucky? They finally shared another scene – and it was epic. When Pitt and Buscemi enter the arena, sparks fly. I hope to see more of this. Nucky’s quick to use his power to control Jimmy, but it’s obvious the power is starting to fade. The kid’s growing up.

And let’s not forget about lovers – the comparison between Margaret and the woman who was screwing our idiot president candidate is a creepy one to make. Even Nucky felt sorry for her – it’s obvious he didn’t just take her back to Atlantic City to win the election. Isn’t he confiding a bit too much in Margaret? Three episodes ago, she was still standing there holding the banners. And now she’s reading through his ledgers. What now?

Friends, clans – Republicans, Irishmen, Italians. Jimmy staring at Capone and Torino playing cards was the equivalent of staring in the mirror. It was a thorough re-evaluation of his future. He can’t stay in Chicago. No matter how you look at it, he’s not part of their gang. But Nucky was wrong about one thing: he’ll be just as much an outsider back in Atlantic City.

Thoughts and Things

  • Twenties-award of the week: porn reel igniting, people commenting it was “Too hot to play”.
  • Eddie’s not gay! Who would have thought?
  • I adored the cut they made to reveal Aleksa’d gotten the money. That was freakishly well done.

In All…

Definitely one of the stronger episodes so far. Especially Jimmy returning home is sweet. It feels like he’s been in Chicago forever. And sure, those were some nifty scenes, but it felt kind of weird having him leave Atlantic City so fast. It’s like we never truly experienced him in his habitat. Then again, looking at his time served in the war, neither has he.


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