“Look around, big brother. What do you got?” (Eli)

What a bad-ass follower to the stunning season 2 premiere. A bit more action, a bit more plot and a little faster narrative tempo was all it needed, apparently. It gives us the impression more things are going on in one episode – even if they’re really not. In fact, this episode completely ignored one thing constantly criticized about the series: the uneven focus on its main characters. Which I gladly care nothing about.

The noose around Nucky’s neck tightens as he tries to find out who double-crossed him. I especially loved the moment he called his brother. Instead of being angry, he was humble – he even pleaded with Eli. Nucky’s scared – but is he scared of what can happen to him, or to his brother? Was Nucky’s plea for his own good or does he know the commodore is up to no good?

Because the commodore is crazy. Seriously: what’s up with that guy? First the halberd, now the dye. I love how Jimmy is still not convinced about him and is trying to do things on his own. He hasn’t made his choice yet: is he going to choose his biological or his psychological father?

Thoughts and things

  • The twenties-award of the week: Chalky’s subplot in prison. I never even considered he couldn’t read. Even if this plot was essentially a rehash of the whole “Chalky is a bad-ass” repertoire, it was still awesome.
  • Who’s that new guy? Are they actually adding new characters to the already gargantuan list? Then again, we didn’t have a flirtacious bodyguard yet. He’s an accident waiting to happen – to Margaret.
  • Jimmy’s getting into the heroin business. I wonder if he’ll get addicted.

In All…

But the real twist came in the final moments of the episode, where none other than Margaret was the one to pick up what was left of Nucky and mold it back into shape. With the sternness of a mother. Unbelievable. I can’t wait to see where this season takes things for her.


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