“What’s a weekend?” (Violet)

This week focused on a battle that’s been as old as the industrial revolution: city versus country. As Matthew, the rightful heir to the fortune, arrived at the abbey, this conflict was unfolded in a typical – but very charming – matter. And where, at first, Matthew didn’t want a butler, he quickly learned that not everything revolves around him.

The most endearing plot of the episode was Mr. Carson’s. Whereas we thought him to be solid as a rock, he apparently has quite the past after all. A dancer. Impressive. Kudos for Mr. Bates to keep things silent and to solve everything so discretely. That’s the thing with Bates: he’s very discreet. I wonder what past he shares with Robert?

The way I see it, Robert is being set up as way too nice a guy. There’s got to be some sort of backstory there. We know he married his wife for the money, probably to save the estate, but is that really it? Or am I reading too much into it at this point?

Thoughts and things

  • Poor Daisy. Not only is your crush gay, he’s also evil.
  • Does Anna have a thing for Mr. Bates? Or is she just being friendly to compensate for his limp?
  • It struck me how little bicycles have changed in a hundred years. And that my grandma used to have one exactly like Matthew.
  • Gripping subplot involving Isobel and the patient. Nice way to introduce a character I thought was pretty evil at a first glance.

In all…

Highly entertaining episode. It’s exciting to see how big my reactions to the tiniest things are. Nobody screams or yells, no one throws a punch, but boy, when the seam on William’s jacket tore, I gasped. In that aspect, I guess I’m watching a British version of Mad Men. Anyway, I guess all the important characters are now in place. So let the fun begin.


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