Hi, I’m Bert and I don’t like change.
(“Hi Bert”)

As you may have noticed, this site looks different now. I’ve been wanting to update it for a long time, but I never got around to it. It wasn’t just that there were too many unnecessary projects on it – it was mainly the hosting: Slow as molasses, often offline, generally shit.

So on a whim, I threw everything out. The shitty hosting, the boring site, the inconveniently named domain. And, not wanting to do any work on it, I created this site!

It has a little blog so I can entertain you with posts like these. It has the ability to post cellphone pictures of cats, which I will abuse. But it’s also a place to show off some of my writings without completely giving everything away – see the three buttons above you.

So basically:

bertvdc.de – The demo to the dude.


P.S.: Mia won the “Film Fun in Bed” award at the Jeugdfilmfestival in Bruges and Antwerp. It’s a prize handed out by a jury of low-mobility children who watch the entries from their beds. I’m so happy and honoured.


Courtesy of my sister.
Courtesy of my sister.


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