In case you’re wondering, yes I’m still writing, and yes I’m working on something new. Working title – Caravan.

Here’s a little (unedited!) quote:

Suddenly, the crowd exploded with cheers. Even Jack found himself getting up in excitement. He started climbing on top of a grimy, sooty chimney. As he pulled himself on top of it, he positioned himself out of the dirty smoke and could barely catch a glimpse of the man coming onto the stage below. Kinley’s black hair fell onto his shoulders, which were draped with the most expensive yellow linen. He looked strong and handsome, and Jack, who longed for nothing more but to be a grown-up, was in awe.

Kinley raised his hand over the crowd. Immediately, everyone fell silent. “Seven years ago, I embarked on my journey to the Old World. Only now have I returned.” He took a dramatic pause. “Like many, I started a caravan and set off through the desert. I was young, poor and eager for adventure. I have seen many things. But now I know what lies at the far end of the desert. And it is beautiful.”


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