Hey everyone, especially everyone who loves to procrastinate!

Office colleague and director Erik Schmitt has finally uploaded his award-winning short film, Nashorn in Galopp (Rhino Full Throttle), to YouTube!

I remember my first time watching this short. I was fresh off the dffb boat and completely frustrated with German movies. German movies were dry, overrationalized pieces of shit with no self-reflection or emotion – and they weren’t exactly funny, either.

For me, Nashorn in Galopp was a breath of fresh air in a dusty room: It’s self-aware, created with gut feeling – and it’s hilarious in its own special way. Erik is one of the few German directors I know who can strike the tender balance between being weird without losing track of the story’s strong, emotional core.

And as a guy who had just graduated by putting a bunch of animated guys on top of a mirror, it taught me a simple lesson:

Quit fucking whining about Germany.

Watch the film here! It has English subtitles and comes highly recommended.


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