So! I made another game!

Actually, I made this back when my online portfolio launched, but it had kind of fallen by the wayside because I was busy doing other things (like work).

So what is it?

I made a text adventure to promote myself. It’s a rush job consisting of weird ideas, experiments with multiple endings, variables and flags, and 40 degree fever. Play at your own risk.

The game’s made with Twine, which is a really cool (and noob-friendly) program for this kind of stuff. I’ll probably make a real text adventure at some point, but seeing how this has taken me most of a weekend to get done, it’s probably going to have to wait a bit.

So what’s this game look like from the inside?

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 09.08.42This is the main structure. Every square has some form of text in it.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 09.08.55Enhance! I actually set out to make a regular branching dialogue. In hindsight, a lot of the game ended up more visual novel-y (and thus straightly structured) than I wanted because I got lost in endless descriptions of random stuff. What can I say, I love world-building.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 09.08.59And this is what some snippets look like up close. The hard part about Twine was that they just released a 2.0 and everything I knew from 1.X was redundant – yet still annoyingly present in the Google cache. Figuring out how to get multiple variables to trigger at the same time (which was important for the actual interview part) was a real bitch.

So there you have it. Alternatively, you can download the source file (which is actually just a .html, rendering all of this infinitely less cool) and import it into Twine yourself.

In summary!

By the way, there’s quite a bit of other stuff on the portfolio that’s worth checking out. I’ll probably go into detail about that somewhere down the line!


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