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  • Psychodyssey


    When Psychonauts 2 released in the Summer of 2021, it completely blew me away. A cartoony game about a kid-slash-psychic-agent going into people’s minds to sort out their bagge was every bit as good as its predecessor which came out 15 years prior. In fact, narratively speaking, it was better: underneath its wacky surface hid […]

  • Hogwarts Legacy: It’s complicated

    Hogwarts Legacy: It’s complicated

    So let’s get this out of the way: JK Rowling is a complicated person, whose genuinely good deeds are vastly overshadowed by the TERF hill she is dying on. It’s an immensely disappointing matter because Harry Potter is a big part of my life and it ruined any future rereads. But fortunately, Rowling did not […]

  • Hitman


    Imagine this: my most-played game since 2018 is a game in which a memory-wiped hitman travels around the globe to assassinate the world’s worst assholes. He then gets pulled into a crazy conspiracy plot that confronts him with his past, flips the secret organisation he’s working for on its head and forces him to answer […]

  • Games of 2022

    Games of 2022

    Damn. What a year for gaming. And it’d be impossible to crown a game of the year if Elden Ring hadn’t come out. So without further ado, here’s some tips from me, a gaming expert, to you, an internet rando. Wanna play, without hyperbole, a true masterpiece? Elden Ring Had you asked me a year […]

  • Until Dawn

    Until Dawn

    Like any selfrespecting author, there are plenty of things I absolutely hate about myself. But nothing is more annoying than my inability to deal with the horror genre. Yes, I’m a scaredy-cat – and never has this been more annoying than during my time with the PS4 horror game “Until Dawn”. Because god damn, that […]

  • Final Fantasy IX

    Final Fantasy IX

    I’ve been replaying a lot of Final Fantasies lately. It started with 12 (the zodiac age!), a japanese star wars; then I switched to 7 (the remake!), the edgiest of the bunch barring 8, and then I landed on nine. And man, I love Final Fantasy IX. When it came out in 2000 (a few […]