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  • Boardwalk Empire 211 – Under God’s Power she Flourishes

    “I think there’s no one else in the all the world; there’s only you and me.” (Gillian) Okay, I’m not going to beat a dead horse for long, other reviewers have done this already. But please do allow me this short rant: Boardwalk Empire has never been more blatantly Oedipal than this. In one episode, […]

  • Boardwalk Empire 210 – Georgia Peaches

    “How Nucky shoes be fitting these days?” (Chalky) If you say you didn’t see it coming, you’re pretty much blind. Sure, it’s HBO – if Boardwalk Empire were a network show, Angela’d been dead ages ago. But, even with HBO’s budgets, a role can be so piss-poor that not even money can save it. So […]

  • Boardwalk Empire 209 – Battle of the Century

    “Got caught in the wrong cookie jar.” (Nucky) After having given it some thought, I’m absolutely stunned at the fact this episode was just as disjointed as I thought it was going to be. It’s obvious: in an episode with Nucky in Belfast and Margaret’s girl coming down with polio, worlds couldn’t be further apart. […]

  • Boardwalk Empire 208 – Two Boats and a Lifeguard

    “My brother. He’s smarter than you are. And a lot more dangerous.” (Eli) What an episode. What an episode! Sure, it was all set-up for the season’s final five episodes, but what a set-up it was! This was Boardwalk Empire as we’ve never seen it: small, emotional, and very, very sad.

  • Boardwalk Empire 207 – Peg of Old

    “It doesn’t make a difference if you’re right or wrong. You just have to make a decision.” (Jimmy) This week’s episode proved it’s easier to criticize than to be in charge. Every character who tried to control their destiny found themselves hindered by others. It’s the week of the little man on Boardwalk Empire.

  • Boardwalk Empire 206 – The Age of Reason

    “Yeah, I understand. You want Schlampen.” (Eddie) For an episode called “The Age of Reason”, it certainly focused a lot on irrational guilt. It was like a confession, which makes sense after last week’s episode, which was sin all around. Almost every major character either opened up or was punished because they were hiding out. […]