Right. After eight years, this marks the end of my time at “In aller Freundschaft – die jungen Ärzte”, a weekly medical for German public tv, Thursdays 18:50. It was a wild ride. In eight years, we founded an in-house writers room, survived a pandemic, about four hundred episodes passed through my hands and I’ve grown from junior floor writer to deputy headwriter. I’ve come to feel at home here, and I can’t yet imagine a life without this show as its spine.

It’s strange that a series about growth has been so pivotal for my own. When I started in 2016, I was fresh off my first job as a soap author, where I was thrown out for being terrible. I was still completely unsure that this career would ever work out. But it did, and I’m looking forward to the next adventure. It’s hard to leave my professional family – but after eight years, I need a bit of a creative break, away from the Johannes Thal Clinic in Erfurt.

I’m looking forward to what happens next.


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