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  • elhana

    Hey guys! One of my texts got featured on the elhana project website. For those not in the know: elhana is a big brother project in the Berlin area, where you help out a kid with problems at school. I sat with Yussuf (not his real name) twice a week, from 2010 to the end […]

  • Opposites Attract, pt. 6

    Opposites Attract, pt. 6

    (The story so far: Alice and her caravan (Jack, Arbuck and Marie) were stranded on a floating rock with a dishonest guy named Brock. After Brock secretly stole their food, Marie turned into a gargantuan monster and Alice saved the day by crashing the rock down. But how did she do that?) Rocks don’t float […]

  • Opposites Attract, pt. 5

    Opposites Attract, pt. 5

    (The story so far: Alice and her caravan (Jack, Arbuck and Marie) are stranded on a floating rock. A giant lizard lies in wait in the sand below, ready to eat them. When they find out Brock, the man stranded on the rock, has stolen their food, all hell breaks loose…) What goes up… Brock […]

  • Opposites Attract, pt. 4

    Opposites Attract, pt. 4

    (The story so far: On a trip through the desert, Alice and her caravan (Jack, Marie and Arbuck) come across a flying rock and a ladder. On the rock, they meet a stranded traveler named Brock, and find out the ladder was actually a giant lizard’s tongue in disguise. Now they are stranded on a […]

  • Opposites Attract, pt. 3

    Opposites Attract, pt. 3

    (The story so far: On a trip through a dangerous desert, Alice and her caravan (Jack, Arbuck and Marie) come across a floating rock and a ladder that reaches high into the air. Eager for adventure, Jack and Arbuck climb the ladder. Alice sees no other option that to follow…) The man on the rock […]

  • Opposites Attract, pt. 2

    Opposites Attract, pt. 2

    (The story so far: Alice, a lowly insurance agent, finds herself on a highly forbidden trip through an uncharted desert with Jack (captain), Arbuck (gunslinger) and Marie (cook). Out of nowhere, Marie starts screaming…) The floating rock Everyone stopped in their tracks and turned towards Marie. She was standing between them, third in line. Arbuck, […]