Ep. 05 – …And Found

Another episode that brought a tear to my eyes – something which is starting to get quite common as far as the story revolving around Jin and Sun goes. They’re this perfect tragic couple, and it’s the perfect love story. The wedding ring, and where she found it (in the sand with the raft’s bottle) was symbolism at its finest: don’t bury anything just yet.

Not all is well, though. Jin is now one of those who has seen them, these Others. We witnessed them too, through his eyes. They were barefoot, and were dragging along a teddy bear. Are we dealing with a band of cavemen or is the island a gathering spot for pedophiles and kidnappers? Are they running around with teddy bear as bait for Walt, who they might have lost in the jungle? Time will tell!

I’m starting to grow fond of Mr. Eko. He’s an enigmatic character, not quite unlike Locke – his character could very well develop into anything. Of all LOST characters (Locke excluded), he is the one who speaks in riddles the most. “Are you married”, Jin asked in his one-word sentence. “Worse”, Eko answers. What could be worse than being married? Being divorced? Also, hats off for Sun for delivering a priceless range of emotions during this episode, ranging from tearing apart her garden in despair to looking for Vincent the dog… once again in despair. This was one of those little funny moments that makes LOST such a wonderful little show.

Favourite Quote: Locke: I’m not lost any more.
Sun: How did you do that?
Locke: The same way anything lost gets found – I stopped looking.