True Blood 103 – Mine

“You’re wearing gold pants.” (Jason)

The mysterious killer strikes again! This time, chainsaw-massacre-extra-Dawn was the victim. You will be missed – or at a later point referred to that one character you thought would be important but ended up being a red shirt after all. True Blood’s version of Boone.

This episode took the time to send some less important characters in the spotlight. We now know LaFayette is a dealer and a prostitute, for instance. No longer is he just any extravagant black guy. For the first time, we saw Tara interact with her mother, adding a whole layer of tragedy over her character. As far as US television drunks go, this one was pretty realistic. You have to feel for Tara – I’d be a bitch too if I were in her situation.

But by far the most interesting character of the episode: Jason. I’m happy to finally know what they’re planning for him: a sex-crazed guy with potency problems who becomes a drug addict. The straight guy becomes everything he’s ever hated. I can’t wait to see how this pans out and who gets hurt in the process.

True Blood doesn’t shy away from cheap sex and gore – even for an HBO series, it sets the bar to an entirely new level. Even Sookie is a victim to it. Have I ever seen a woman masturbate so graphically on TV? It’s a nice change – it makes Sookie and her curiosity all the more likeable.

Thoughts and things

  • Theme of the episode: posession. Sam and Tara hooked up, Jason told Dawn he didn’t want his girl banging vampires – hell, Bill even said Sookie was his.
  • So there is an illness called Hepatitis D. Humans are immune. But what about humans who inject infected V? Are they immune too?

In All…

I laughed a lot more during this episode – but I still don’t know if the humour is intentional or not. It’s like watching normal people when you’ve had just one drink too many: people just seem a little off. I like the characters, and I can sort of relate to them. But I’m still waiting for the moment I won’t just like them, but care for them, too.