Have Some Random Texts

So you read all about me. And now you’re thinking “That dude talks the talk, but does he walk the walk?”

If by walking you mean sitting in front of a keyboard, slamming away at the keys and slowly destroying my back, then YES!

Here’s some proof:

A text I wrote about the relationship between a foreign kid, his foreign tutor and the Germany they live in. I read this on stage in 2011.

Another text for a reading, this time about a woman begging for cigarettes in front of her house.

A screenplay for a short film that was never made. It centers around religion, love and loss. German only – sorry!

A little text about the guy in charge of Santa at the Berliner Hauptbahnhof.

What, you say – but weren’t you a screenwriter? Then where are your screenwritings? You are completely right. The truth is: Writing a feature is a lot of work. And before my screenplays land on torrent websites next to Joss Whedon and Charlie Kaufmann, I decided to put them behind an e-mail wall.

It’s easy and free. You just send me a mail and ask for my portfolio. Or fill out this form:

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