Ep. 14 – One of Them

Yes. Yes! Yes!! Progress!! Finally, it’s starting to go somewhere again. I mean come on – they found a man in the jungle, a man named “Henry Gale” and he is from effng Minnesota. Can it get any more awesome than this? Obviously, the first thing our Losties do with Henry Gale from Minnesota, is beat him up. But hey, that’s after Rousseau shot an arrow through his shoulder so I guess it’s okay, right? I really felt for poor Henry – so much abuse in his first episode. But on the other hand, you never know who you can or cannot trust on this island. Maybe he really is one of them?

Obviously, this episode would not be complete without a Locke-Jack standoff. Locke caved so he could press the button. And because he can’t type blindly, we now know what happens when the timer goes down to zero: hieroglyphs. Yes, hieroglyphs. Why hieroglyphs? What would the Dharma Initiative have as a reason to do this? Maybe Jack is right and it all is a giant joke. Even though I refuse to believe that.

I’m not a big fan of Sayid
flashbacks. This one had one nice thing though: the appearance of Sam Austen – aka Kate’s dad. Sam’s a nice guy, just your regular honest hard-working Joe. He seemed like a saint in comparison to that other guy, Joe Inman, who seemed like a loose cannon. So am I seeing this right if I say that not the Iraqi brought Sayid to torturing, but the Americans? I am so confused; I feel like oughta read a timeline of the Gulf War to understand this kind of thing.

Favourite Quote:
Henry Gale: I’m Henry Gale – I’m from Minnesota!